Maybe it’s all those negative ions floating around but somehow everything seems better when I’m standing next to a waterfall.

There’s something thrilling about hiking a trail when you start to hear the rush of water. It’s a hike with a purpose: that moment when you come upon one of nature’s most in-your-face exhibitions of raw power.

Perhaps it’s because waterfalls are such a multi-sensory experience – from the spray on your skin to the thunder of water down rocky canyons….I find it exhilarating.

So no matter where I’m travelling, I’ll always seek out the local waterfalls. Not only do I love to feel their energy, photographing them is one of my favourite activities in life. What the posted maps say is a “one hour hike” generally turns into several hours. At least. There always seems to be another interesting angle beckoning.

I’m fortunate to live in the Pacific Northwest of North America, so I have easy access to waterfalls. It was, in fact, part of my decision to move here. I doubt that I’ll ever get to see all of them….but I’m on a mission to get to as many as I can.

As far as I’m concerned there are only two downsides to photographing waterfalls:

1. Getting to them generally involves going uphill at some point (okay…so I could be a bit lazy when it comes to strenuous hiking….)

2. You’re always going to be lugging the tripod (assuming you want those gorgeous long exposure shots…and really….why else would you bother?)

But, despite that, “Waterfall Photographer” is a gig I’d definitely apply for!

I’ve gathered up some of my favourite shots from around the general area – from Vancouver Island to Montana – in this video. I hope you enjoy watching as much as I did photographing. Each one of these falls brings back some special memories of adventures and journeys. I can still hear the water falling over the rocks at each one of them.

For more information on some of the Vancouver Island falls, check out my post “Chasing Waterfalls on Vancouver Island”.


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