In terms of my artistic and technical development, one of the most valuable things I ever did was sign up for an online course called Photoshop Artistry. About halfway through that course I also decided to go further and join the Awake course which is for those who want to dive even deeper into the world of Photoshop and creativity.

Although I already had a fairly good understanding of Photoshop, both of these courses took my ability into new realms. What I like most is that while they teach all the technical stuff (which, let’s face it, can be daunting in Photoshop), they also teach you to become more creative. I find these days that even when I’m not actually working on a piece, I’m still thinking about ideas and concepts for future pieces. Rather than something I sit down to ‘do’, creativity has become a way of life. And that’s all thanks to these courses offered by Sebastian Michaels.

A Supportive Environment

In addition, there are Facebook groups that offer a supportive and creative environment to share with other artists. Whether you need an answer to a technical problem, or need a critique on your latest work, there’s always someone there to help you out. And there’s always a constant stream of inspirational artwork being posted. The path of an artist can often be a lonely one, so having your own private “artists’ club” really makes a difference.

These courses are only opened up twice a year and the next opening is January 1, 2018.

So, if you’re interested in learning how to master Photoshop and to start the year out with what I promise you will be an incredible creative journey, check out the course page here:

AWAKE 2018

(P.S. I’m not being paid to write this….I’m just a huge fan and would love for others to have the chance to join the AWAKE community)

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