I get a lot of questions at art fairs along the lines of “is that a photo or a painting?”.

Answer: “its both”.

So what, exactly, is photo artistry?

Its a fusion of conventional photography with digital imagery, hand-painted or stamped elements and miscellaneous ephemera to create beautiful fine art works. It has a lot in common with mixed media art and is, essentially, a digital form of mixed media.

Physical elements are digitized and then combined using digital imaging and composite software such as Adobe Photoshop. Each artwork is built up as a series of layers and the final product can often be the result of dozens (even hundreds!) of individual layers. Each layer works with the other layers to create different effects. The process is complex with most pieces taking many days to create.

Most of my pieces evolve organically. While I might have an idea in mind, as the process unfolds it tends to take on a life of its own. And that’s where the magic happens.

A few “before and afters” to give you an idea of the starting point:

(image licenced from Adobe Stock)