Inspiration comes from all sorts of places.

I recently read a book called “The Woman in the White Kimono” by Ana Johns. Set in Japan just after the Second World War, it followed the fortunes of a young Japanese girl who falls in love with an American sailor.

Its an interesting and little known slice of history and the fallout of war. I personally have a great love of Japan, having visited several times. I’ve always been struck by the way its a country and culture that sits right at the crossroads of East and West, traditional and high tech. Which is part of its allure. Back in the late 1940’s it was also a country that held close to traditional social rules and structures. Those women who did meet and fall in love with American GI’s found themselves caught between the old world and the new. And sadly, they were wanted in neither. They faced a stark reality and some very harsh choices.

It was one of those stories that stays with you long after you read the final page. I found myself drawn to create a piece of art…and here it is.

Titled “Little Bird” after one of the book’s characters.

Model credit: Carolina Julia Moore

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