Before spending my days pursuing art, I used to be one of the worker bees who spent a good chunk of their day in an office. Doing office-y things. Like marketing plans. And return on investment reports. Yawn. But in between the boring bits, I did get to work on more creative projects mostly involving graphic design. And I travelled the globe. And everywhere I went, my camera came with me. I used to squeeze my art in between conferences and meetings.

Until 2012.

That fateful year I finally achieved my dream of attending the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in stunning, gorgeous, artsy (is this heaven?) Missoula, Montana.

It was, without doubt, the best three months of my life.

Unfortunately, aside from teaching me photography, it also made me unfit for corporate life. Once you get a taste of that kind of creative passion it’s just not possible to go back to business as usual. So I quit my job. A move that surprised absolutely nobody. So I’m told.

The journey since then has been both challenging and rewarding. After a short stint with real estate photography, I’ve settled into fine art photography and, more recently, mixed media. The mixed media in particular has given me licence to get my hands covered with paint and generally make a huge mess every time the creative genie is let out of the bottle. Something my five year old self is totally on board with.

The purpose of creating art is, for me, about making something visually beautiful. Its meaning will be different for every person who views it. And that’s what art is supposed to be….subjective, personal and intimate.

Everything a financial report is not.