And so the journey begins…

w: Margaret

w: Margaret

And so the journey begins…

Here I am at the beginning of what promises to be an incredible journey. To finally live my dream of being a photographer.

I have joined 74 other incredible people at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography’s Summer Intensive program. Probably like most others I’m feeling a lot of anticipation, excitement and some fear (we keep hearing about “how much work” its all going to be. I’m sure that’s true but is it work when you love it?). But I’ve certainly had a few “goosebump” moments already – that strange feeling that lets you know that you’re on the right path (finally!!).

Here we are at Day 3 and the fun is just beginning. Today was our first full day of classes with morning lecture and afternoon field shoot. Today’s subject – exposure. This is where my brain tends to switch off because of all the math. Never my strong point! But, its important stuff to learn and going out right away to practice what we just learned in the classroom really helps it sink in.

After finishing the assignment some of us went into the wonderful carousel they have in downtown Missoula just to “play” – here are a few of the shots.


Childhood memories Childhood Memories Childhood memories

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    Childhood memories Childhood Memories Childhood memories

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