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So this is the wall?

So this is the wall?

Way back when….what seems like a lifetime ago now…on the very first day they warned us about this.

The wall.

The point at which we would experience self-doubt, frustration, lack of inspiration and a feeling that our photography was in no way moving forward. I remember them saying very clearly that “nearly all of you will go through this”.

“Not me” I boldly thought.

Here we are in week 9 and “yes me” seems to be the truth of the matter.

I know I’ve been face to face with this wall before. But overcoming it was easy….I simply forgot about photography and immersed myself in my J-O-B. Or cleaning the house. Or going shopping. Or….just about anything else since there was no real reason to get over the wall.

But here things are different. Assignments scream for attention. A final project sits half-started and a deadline looms. There’s no escape. On the upside, however, at least here there are people to help keep you on track. I’ve no doubt I will meet the wall over and over in my artistic life. I can only hope that this experience prepares me for those future meetings.

So….I say to the wall….”Screw you”. I will keep on moving.


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