Photography and the Art of Bicycle Maintenance

w: Margaret

Photography and the Art of Bicycle Maintenance

When I came to Missoula, the last thing I expected to be doing was learning bicycle maintenance. But it seems that this is exactly what my “extra credits” will consist of. There is a great bicycle recycling place here called Free Cycle. I bought a bike there for getting around town (since I am sans vehicle). Today I was headed down there to pick up something else but when I went to ride off I discovered a flat tyre. After a quick trip to Target for a bicycle pump I went down to the bike shop. When I mentioned the flat tyre to “Bicycle Bob” (as the kids call him) he seized the opportunity to teach one of the mechanically challenged how to fix a tyre. I had to do the work. He just supervised. An hour later as I was leaving he said that he’d keep an eye out for a rear wheel rack for me and I could come by next week to pick it up. And while I was there he’d teach me how to fix the chain when it breaks. The chain? Breaks? And so, my course in bicycle maintenance begins…..

Meanwhile, back at photography boot camp it’s the end of week 2 and the doubts have started to surface. On the very first day we were warned that all of us would go through periods of challenge and self doubt. I remember wondering how that could be possible….after all, we’re here to “live the dream”! Self-doubt? Didn’t we go through that somewhere between enrolment and arrival? But, here we are, two weeks in and self doubt has begun its torment. The only way forward is through. Keep taking pictures. And more pictures. And when we’re completely exhausted with colour theory, exposure, the inverse square law and a dozen other concepts….go out and take some more pictures.

And hopefully somewhere in there everything we’ve been learning will come together and the magic will start to happen.

Here are some of the week’s highlights…


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