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Is it art?

Is it art?

There has been much discussion in class over the past couple of weeks about “what is art?” Now that the technical side of things is starting to make more sense it seems that interest has turned towards the less linear elements of photography.

What makes a good (or bad) photograph? Sure, we can all tell whether a photographer has “followed the rules” but then something comes along that completely breaks those same rules but is still considered “art”. For me, what makes art is entirely subjective. During the past couple of months I’ve been exposed to images that look like a 5 year old went wild with a camera right through to the masters. Everybody resonates with something different. So who’s to say “this is art and this is not”? I’m sure that defining this is something that consumes lifetimes. Personally, all that matters to me is whether I like it – I don’t see any need to assign it to a certain box which says “good art”. If it makes me feel something, then the photographer has created a successful image.

As students, we were asked this week to write an Artist Statement – a short piece of writing about our photography to this point. It was an interesting assignment – I hadn’t ever consciously sat and thought about why I take photographs or what the process means to me. So here’s what I discovered:

The noise stops.

I enter the inner silence where my photography lives. Everything else falls away.

In that quiet place I can connect with my inspiration. The play of light over a vast landscape as clouds chase each other across the sky. The face of a child as she runs free in her imagination. The burst of colour in a field of poppies. The intricate, delicate universe of a single flower.

My lens turns towards both the wondrous and the prosaic.
On the other side I see

Through the process of capturing my vision I fully inhabit the moment. Balance between the inner and the outer is achieved. It’s where my heart becomes whole. Where my faith in the world is restored. Where ‘I am’.

A gift.

Photography is a journey that will continue for as long as I walk the earth. I want to slow down in order to see the world more vividly every day. To nurture my unique voice. To dismantle belief and discover truth. To come home to the heart of who I really am.

And here’s some images from the past couple of weeks…


4th of July celebrations Blue Mountain sunset, Missoula Montana By the river, Missoula Montana Westside Northside Block Party, Missoula, Montana

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    4th of July celebrations Blue Mountain sunset, Missoula Montana By the river, Missoula Montana Westside Northside Block Party, Missoula, Montana

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  • by Yukon
    July 24, 2012

    The 2nd firework shot, hits the mark. The spiral flare that is captured with the gold burst looks like a palm tree trunk with palm fronds! Niiiiiice.

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