Joys of photograhphy school

Looking Back. Looking Forward.

Caught somewhere between a longing for a return to a beautiful summer and the excitement of an unknown future, the feeling right now is sadness. With quite a bit of confusion and fear thrown in just for good measure. There is such a sense of loss. A summer of photography and learning, of making...

Looking Back. Looking Forward.Margaret

So this is the wall?

Way back when….what seems like a lifetime ago now…on the very first day they warned us about this. The wall. The point at which we would experience self-doubt, frustration, lack of inspiration and a feeling that our photography was in no way moving forward. I remember them saying very clearly that “nearly all of you will...

So this is the wall?Margaret

Is it art?

There has been much discussion in class over the past couple of weeks about "what is art?" Now that the technical side of things is starting to make more sense it seems that interest has turned towards the less linear elements of photography. What makes a good (or bad) photograph? Sure, we can all tell...

Is it art?Margaret

The best summer ever?

As I walked down the street today with the arc of a brilliant blue sky overhead and warm breeze I suddenly felt it....the sense of complete freedom. Of a summer without the usual cares of everyday life. And just as suddenly my fingers and toes tingled with excitement. I felt truly alive. Connected with...

The best summer ever?Margaret

Photography and the Art of Bicycle Maintenance

When I came to Missoula, the last thing I expected to be doing was learning bicycle maintenance. But it seems that this is exactly what my "extra credits" will consist of. There is a great bicycle recycling place here called Free Cycle. I bought a bike there for getting around town (since I am...

Photography and the Art of Bicycle MaintenanceMargaret

Day of the big, scary ‘M’

Anyone who owns a DSLR or has done a bit of photography knows about the "M" setting. This is the one all of us but the "serious" photographers avoid. Today, there was no escape. As our instructor put it...."today we're going to start using the big, scary M". This is Manual. This is what...

Day of the big, scary ‘M’Margaret

And so the journey begins…

Here I am at the beginning of what promises to be an incredible journey. To finally live my dream of being a photographer. I have joined 74 other incredible people at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography's Summer Intensive program. Probably like most others I'm feeling a lot of anticipation, excitement and some fear (we...

And so the journey begins…Margaret

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