Waterfall Wonderland

Maybe it’s all those negative ions floating around but somehow everything seems better when I’m standing next to a waterfall. There’s something thrilling about hiking a trail when you start to hear the rush of water. It’s a hike with a purpose: that moment when you come upon one of nature’s most in-your-face exhibitions of...

Waterfall WonderlandMargaret

Photoshop is not a moral issue

A recent forum conversation on an art site has got me thinking. The question posed was regarding the digital enhancement (aka 'photoshopping') of images. Sigh. I can't believe that in this day and age we are still having this conversation. But it seems to be one that won't go away. At a recent fair you could see...

Photoshop is not a moral issueMargaret

Art from the Heart: Letting Go

  About 4 years ago I decided to abandon my career in the tourism industry and pursue a creative life. I had no real plan, but a definite idea of what I DIDN'T want in my life anymore - and that was hours and hours (and HOURS) sitting in aircraft seats heading to or from...

Art from the Heart: Letting GoMargaret

Exploring Victoria – Playfair Park

One of the most threatened ecosystems in Canada is the Garry Oak meadow. So it’s no small feat that a small pocket still exists in the midst of Victoria’s urban sprawl. Playfair Park is a tiny city park tucked away in Saanich. It’s about 15 minutes by car from downtown and somewhat tricky to find. Although...

Exploring Victoria – Playfair ParkMargaret

Chasing Waterfalls on Vancouver Island

I love the sounds and the power of pounding water, whether it is the waves or a waterfall. Mike May Even though TLC begged us not to do it, chasing waterfalls is one of my favourite activities. Fortunately, here on Vancouver Island, we have access to some spectacular and stunningly beautiful waterfalls. And for these ones...

Chasing Waterfalls on Vancouver IslandMargaret

5 Free Places to Photograph Flowers in Victoria

Victoria on the southern tip of Vancouver Island in Canada is known as “the garden city”. Gardening here is a serious business! So serious we even count the flowers in the annual Victoria Flower Count. For the record, a whopping 25,864,976,064 blooms were counted in 2017. Actually the flower count was started as a...

5 Free Places to Photograph Flowers in VictoriaMargaret

Hatley Castle Gardens

One of my favourite places to photograph is Hatley Castle Gardens in Victoria. It’s located on the grounds of Royal Roads University in Colwood, on the Westshore – about a 20 minute drive from downtown Victoria. Aside from the gorgeous castle, the gardens are a haven in the midst of the city. The castle was completed in...

Hatley Castle GardensMargaret

Here’s to the dreamers!

Tell me what it is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life.Mary Oliver I managed to catch up with two new TV series this weekend and both of them have got me thinking about dreamers. And about being a dreamer. The first was “Our Zoo” based on the true story of George...

Here’s to the dreamers!Margaret

The Zen of Cherry Blossoms

What a strange thing! to be alive beneath cherry blossoms. Kobayashi Issa If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to find yourself standing in the middle of a shower of cherry blossom petals then you will appreciate this quote by Kobayashi Issa, a Japanese poet regarded as one of the haiku masters. Of course, cherry blossoms are...

The Zen of Cherry BlossomsMargaret

Photographing Bodie

At the end of a 13 mile dusty, bumpy gravel road that runs off Highway 395 in California’s Mono County region, lies the town of Bodie. An old gold-mining town which once had a population of 10,000, Bodie today is a real-life ghost town. And one of my favourite places to visit and photograph. You can...

Photographing BodieMargaret

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