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Hey thanks for stopping by…its great to have you here and welcome to my virtual studio.

If you’re a bit of a dreamer, love some whimsy and all things floral then you’re in the right place…so come on in and join me. Ranging from classic black and white images to photo art and mixed media flights of fancy, all of my work is a celebration of nature….the most inspiring artist of all.

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Coming Home

Coming Home Artistically, this piece is something of a departure for me. But its an issue that's close to my heart.... Back in 1981 I sat in a movie theatre and watched the Peter Weir film Gallipoli. It was a movie I would go back to see several more times. And every time the last, powerful...

Coming HomeMargaret

Angels in our midst

I've always been a big believer in angels. I'm certain that they are with us all the time...wandering among us and watching over us. And, like a lot of artists before me, I am captivated by angel art. From the Masters to beginners, they're an endless source of fascination and inspiration. I like to imagine...

Angels in our midstMargaret

Photoshop Artistry

In terms of my artistic and technical development, one of the most valuable things I ever did was sign up for an online course called Photoshop Artistry. About halfway through that course I also decided to go further and join the Awake course which is for those who want to dive even deeper into...

Photoshop ArtistryMargaret

Latest Work

The Christmas break has been the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with Photoshop. Here are some of my latest works. And here's to a magical and creative 2018!

Latest WorkMargaret

2018 Calendars are here!

Check out my new Wisdom of Animals 2018 calendar. If you love animals you'll enjoy a new artwork each month featuring animals, birds and inspirational quotes. Calendars are available in two formats: 2 Page Layout - spiral bound at the top These calendars are available from my Zazzle store. Dimensions: 11" W x 8.5" H Shop in local currency at...

2018 Calendars are here!Margaret

They call her a dreamer

A couple of years ago I did a mixed media painting course run by Portland-based artist Kelly Rae Roberts. It was my first foray into that world and I just loved it. During the course we created six "angels". What I most enjoy about this sort of art is the complete freedom to just...

They call her a dreamerMargaret


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Coming Home

Angels in our midst

Photoshop Artistry

Latest Work

2018 Calendars are here!

They call her a dreamer

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